Random cut into part wall when bit comes out of deep pocket

There are two features on this design that look similar . However the one bottom right in the picture cuts though my part when the bit is coming out of the deep slot. I have made two parts and they both have the same anomaly. . I tried the latest 3.5 beta to make sure it is not something that has been fixed and it does the same thing. I can’t imagine it is something I did wrong but this was my first attempt using your CAM.

Tried to upload the KMZ file but I am not allowed as I am a new user.

Hi @Albert_Tejera and welcome. Please email the kmz file to [ sa at grid dot space ] or email a link to the file stored on something like google drive / dropbox. I’ll take a look and see what’s up.

@stewart I can’t believe I didn’t think about it. It’s been sitting in my google drive all along. here is the link.

Great. Thanks for the test case. I see the error and will work on a fix tonight. In the meantime, if you disable ease down it works around the bug.

@stewart Thanks for the work around, that was quick. Will this fix appear in the current beta release or has that release been frozen?

it will show up in 3.5 and then be back ported to 3.4 if it’s a simple fix

I’ve got a fix checked in. Will push it tomorrow evening EST.

The fix is now live in 3.5

Looks great, thanks for the quick fix. I am having another issue but it may be user error. I’ll make a new post.