Question: Trying to Mark Holes

I wanted to know if using trace in this way would mark the four holes. See workspace attached. If not is there a way to accomplish the hole marking using the setup described below.

I’m using an X-Carve CNC Router with a 1/4" Round nose bit. X-Carve does not change tools so it has to be done manually. The issue, loosening the collet almost always moves the X Axis. Therefore X and sometimes Y position is lost.

I use the 1/4" round endmill for stiffness.

Marking these locations would be nice to drill post process.

workspace.kmz (597.4 KB)

Trace won’t really serve this purpose properly.

I’m adding a “marking” option to the drill operation for tonight’s release. Will that suffice?

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 10.34.41 AM

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Thanks Stewart, I’ll be using the drill marking today

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