Question: Trace, help

I’m not sure what the purpose of trace is. One imagines it should trace a selected path. So why does it cut all those paths when I’ve selected just the inside channel in photo 1.

Question: How do I get just this channel routed and nothing else?

Feature request: Allow surfaces to be selected for routing. This would include any surfaces. I think it would help in avoiding much repeated routing.

workspace.kmz (1.2 MB)


The trace operation is a step along a development road to get where you want. At present it is limited to clearing enclosed pockets with flat bottoms or tracing individual lines, typically with a tapered or ball nose. For your use case above, it does not quite satisfy the desire to clear a pocked with a sloped entrance. The closest you can do is clear the flat part.

If you flip the part and select the bottom of the pocket, then the clear operation can clear it to the top. Change “clear” to “follow” to just trace the pocket.

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