Question about safe travel between pockets

Hi, I have a question about safe travel between pockets. The model in the attached work space is part of a larger model, there are two small pockets at each end, I notice that the tool doesn’t retract to my specified safe height after the first pocket and then rapid move to the next pocket, rather it cuts through the stock with a G1 move to the next pocket. You could say, that that material is going to be removed anyway, so it doesn’t matter, but my feeling is that this should be a rapid move at safe height?

Many thanks in advance for your fantastic work. I’ve never come across any other software where bugs are fixed so quickly, amazing! Tthe trace operation is working perfectly again. I’ve almost completely moved over to Kiri-Moto for all my machining work!



PocketTestSafeTravel.kmz (346.8 KB)

Yeah, this looks like a bug. I need to think about it. In the meantime, splitting the op into two pocket ops fixes it.

split-pocket.kmz (398.3 KB)


Thanks Stewart, I’ll use the two pocket ops until you can fix it, thanks for the tip :slight_smile: