Profiles for all JellyBOX printers disappeared

After selection of the JellyBOX printer - the profiles are not loaded. The only “Default” Profile is shown.

It was working OK for JellyBOX Original and JellyBOX 2 before version 3.4 and JellyBOX 3 for version 3.4 Beta.

When the 3.4 Beta was published - all profiles disappeared - even from all old versions.

If you open Kiri:Moto in a incognito tab, do you see all the profiles? These are what I see:

Screen Shot 2022-06-11 at 10.54.58 AM

I see profiles, but after selection of any of them, only the Machine definition is loaded.


The profile should be one of the profiles for the JellyBOX, but all profiles disappeared. The pull-down menu with the profiles is empty.


I tried Shift-Z and even Shift Refresh - it remains the same.

Profiles for the all JellyBOX printers are gone :(.

What browser and OS are you using? I am able to select and use all the Jelly profiles here.

Hello Stewart, I am using Chrome. Chrome is quite fast with the kiri-moto.

I was teaching the class this week, showing kiri-moto. It was the same on all computers.

I’m testing in Chrome and cannot duplicate this. Can you share a video of this in action? Or perhaps you can join the Discord server and we can do a screen share.