Problems with Kiri:Moto extrusion

So, I build a printer profile within Kiri:Moto. I exported gcode and previewed it in Simplifty3D. Everything looked good.
When trying to print, the initial purge is normal, but then when the actual print would start, no filament was extruded.
The hotend was not clogged.
Upon comparing it to a S3D slice of the same model with the same settings, the extrusion amounts were off by quite a bit.

S3D E 0,789
Kiri:Moto E 0.028

Anyone have any ideas?

Is it maybe an issue with absolute extruder coordinates vs relative?

This is my guess. Change the printer definition so that the gcode header and absolute extrusion boolean are in agreement.

I’ll take a look at that. Thanks.