Problem rendering

after messing around with some smaller prints I am trying to move up to larger items. but I always seem to have issues either slicing, or if i can get it to slice it wont render the design, the site just crashes and reloads.

I have been trying to print one of those articulated dragons that are so popular. but i can not get it to finish slicing or rendering. I have tried to downsize the design (which is originally from thingiverse) changing the size of the infill and wall thickness. is there something im missing?? I basically just keep hitting export in hopes that it just decides to work correctly that one time!

When it crashes I get the SIGIL error

When slicing crashes like that, it’s almost always memory limitations of the browser sandbox. And the dominant driver of memory usage is usually infill. Try using linear with 0.1 infill and 2 or 3 layer repeat. For organic shapes like the dragon, # of shells can also play an outsized factor in memory usages. I would recommend trying 3 first.