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This weekend I used Kiri as a Slicer for my PrintrBot Play. The prints are OK, but there is still potential for improvement. Any hints where I should start?

Cura Export: PP_Haus.gcode (285.8 KB)
Kiri Workspace: haus@PB_Play.kmz (98.7 KB)
PrintrBot Firmware: GitHub - Printrbot/Marlin: Fork of Marlin for the Printrbot
More pictures:

My first reaction was that it looks over-extruded. So I opened the workspace and found that the wall thickness is such that the extrusion is crowding. Kiri’s thin wall code is not able to detect the spacing properly. It’s something I’m working on.

The solution in this case is to change the extruded line with, shells, and infill type. In this case because the walls don’t support two extrusions, I set it to 1, then used triangle infill to bridge them.

Then I made another mod which was to use ranges to use 3 shells on the base, 1 around the thin walls, and 2 for the roof. Both workspaces are attached.

haus-pb-play-1-shell.kmz (151.5 KB)
haus-pb-play-ranged.kmz (473.4 KB)

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