Printer Profile Adventurer 5M pro

I’m new to kiri moto and have no clue where to start. I need a printer profile for adventurer 5m pro. Once I understand where to finde the needed informationen and how to get them into a profile, I want to create adventurer 3 and finder profiles too.
Any help is greatly apreciated.
I’m an educator and I recently started to work with onshape. 3d printing with flashprint for a while now, but students can’t run flashprint on school laptops (admin issues).
Kind regards

Hi Nils. I don’t know anything about the Adventurer series. Do they accept standard gcode? If so, then starting with the profile of a similar printer in KM and “modifying” it is your best bet.

Hi Stewart,
thanks for your reply.
Yes- as far as I know they run with gcode.
Thanks. Nils

Hi Nils,

I am also an educator trying to navigate chromebooks and poor IT support.

I have 4 printers a couple lulzbots and and an ender 3. I have set up a workflow where students take OnShape STLs and slice them inside onshape with the KiriMoto OnShape Plugin. They then send that Gcode to a printserver I run on an ancient school desktop called Repetier Server Pro (software costs $60).

It is a lot of work to find all of the starting and ending G-codes for each printer but I started by looking at the lulzbot documentation and found the standard starting and ending g codes for the three different lulzbots I have. I put that into KM to make a profile. Probably 10 - 20 hours of tuning in KiriMoto to get the profiles just right and now my kids can slice and send gcode to the printserver in a que. I would call this setup technically challenging, at best, for kids.

I am particularly interested in the Adventurer 5M pro - I have read that they will work with the company polar3d for an all in one slice and send gcode solution all from a browser. It does have a cost but it is not astronomical like alot of other companies. Have you considered this? Do you like the printer?

Hi Allen,

Sounds interesting. I just had a look at the polar cloud and I will give it a try.
As I see it, 500 € yearly costs is quite a bit.

I like the printer a lot. It’s much faster than adventurer 3 and prints for my usecases in good quality. I like the automatic calibration.

500 is a lot - but if you can split with anyone else it may be worth it. I think that is for a whole institution.

Let me know if you try it out ( they have a free trial) and what you think of the printer.