Post Processing

So I have used Onshape to model a part them Kiri Moto CAM for g-code wich I want to run on my Lead (Maker Store) router which used a “Masso” controller. Question is do I need a post processor? I have been using Fusion 360 and there is a Post processor to suit Fusion 360 and Masso.


Hi @StephenBurgess and welcome. In Kiri:Moto, you control the gcode output by customizing a stock device, then altering gcode macros to match the expectations of your controller. The most common things to override or change would probably be the tool change macro and the dimensions of your build volume.

Hi Stewart, thanks! I am obviously not an expert in these areas so please excuse the fundamental questions. So a post processor as a seperate application is not always necessary in the process as long as my machine can understand your instructions.

correct. I think a lot of CAM programs call their gcode output engines “post processors” because it’s technically converting an internal representation into a text representation. in Kiri:Moto, this is just part of the device profile.

Have tried my first part on my machine and it did worked fine. Very simple part, had to switch the spindle on and off manually, corrected that in the G-code later but that was about it. In short it worked fine.

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when I manually switch endmills, my sender allows me to reset the Z offset so I don’t have to modify the gcode