Possible bug, stuck on "prepare" after adding Outline step

Hello folks, this seems interesting. I have some panels for which I’m using KM to generate a canned cycle. If I only use a roughing cut, all is well; however, upon adding an Outline step, running “Preview” results in a hung program at this step:

I’ve exported the settings and workspace from KM if anyone wants to review.

@SteveFossey please send me the .km workspace file either in email ( sa@grid.space ) or in Discord. thanks!

Done in Discord. LMK if you need anything else. For what it’s worth I generated the STL using FreeCAD, and I’m fairly new at that.

Thanks, I was able to use that to fix the bug. There is nothing wrong with the STL. Fix will be live shortly.

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One other note on the bug. With the outlining options selected, it was going to end up doing nothing anyway. It just wasn’t gracefully handling this case.

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Oh, interesting, thanks. I’ll have to figure that out. I had the idea that by leaving material in Rough, Outline would pick it up. Thanks for the tip.

only if roughing was leaving material and the outline pass was using a small enough endmill.

Stewart, correct me if I’m wrong, but my impression is that none of the current passes have any idea what might or might not have been removed by a previous pass. Am I right about that?

That’s correct. If I recall, the outlining operation had “outside only” checked which means it will only cut areas that pass entirely through (or around) the part. So it had nothing to do.

Yes, that’s right. So if the roughing cut leaves material, does outlining then act as if it has to cut the entire feature?

all operations are computed independent of each other. but the purpose of “leave stock” is so that an outlining pass can slowly or more neatly remove the remaining material. outlining can then have multiple purposes with cleanup and cutout being only two.