Plasma Cutter Support

So I was wondering how feature requests are requested or to find out if they are in the works? I have an ArcDroid CNC and was able to use the Customize Laser Cutter Gcode to make gcode that was able to cut on my Arcdroid just fine. The issue is that of course its ONLY capable of center cuts and no lead in or lead out feature, nor the ability to choose the the start position per outline. How does one go about requesting or find out if this feature is in the works or not?
And I assume the real issue to Plasma cutter support is the ability to graphically edit the toolpaths?

Thanks for your time and help. Loving this program so far.

This is sort of like how I added drag knife support. It’s been a while since I’ve been in that area of the code, but adding a checkbox or menu area for “plasma” under the “laser” mode type shouldn’t be too hard. It’s just a matter of my time, which is currently in short supply.