Pattern Registration for Double-Sided Milling

Based on a link @Bruce sent to me showing a clever way to do double-sided milling, I incorporated the feature into Kiri:Moto’s registration operation. Take a look at the video to see how it works. This is live now in the 2.6 development version.


That is clever! I presume the thickness of the steps corresponds to the diameter of the tool so you still have a tight fit after the flip?

The step size is somewhat orthogonal to the endmill size. Geometrically it works out to be a perfect fit (zero offset or overlap) if you flip it on either axis.

Is there a way to prevent flipping it on either axis? If, say, you only wanted it to ever be flipped on just one?

like a system preference that hides the Y axis option? the current geometry both allows flipping on either axis, but necessarily must allow this to work.

Might a pattern like this be a solution for one axis flipping?

that would still allow flipping on either axis, but would be less secure when pressed back in place.

Thanks a lot works like a charm!

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