Pathpilot won't read Kiri:Moto .nc file

I followed the documentation and youtube video to setup my Tormach tools in Kiri:Moto and animated what looks like a good toolpath. However, when I export the .nc file(linked here) the file is visible, but PathPilot won’t load the program. I inquired with Tormach support and they said the file has lots of errors in it…any thoughts? Should I attach a video of the toolpath animation or can you view it on the backend? Thanks!

can they say what an error might be for pathpilot specifically? it’s pretty basic gcode. I don’t see anything invalid. but PathPilot may only understand a subset.

Checking on that…waiting for a reply. I did get it to load…user error. :smiling_face:

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Tormach says:
"In the program the dwells (G4) just shouldn’t be there at all, G50 is not a recognized G code by Pathpilot, and length offset 0 is called when tool 1 is called. "

I ran an updated program and despite my tool selections, the .nc file always called for tool 1 at the start. I also had to manually update my code to make the spindle turn on after it switched tools…can you check this out?

even when you set the tool # in the tool dialog? if so, you’ll need to right-click export your workspace and send me the .kmz for analysis.