Outline operation won't cut holes that are close to the size of the bit


I’m slicing a model with a single “outline” step, but the holes are being ignored. If I tell KM that the bit is 2.2mm diameter or less, the outline operation will cut the 2.7mm holes in question (using small circular passes), but when I use a 2.4mm bit size or greater, KM ignores the 2.7mm holes when I click “slice”. If I were using a bit diameter that was greater than the hole diameter, this would all make sense, but that’s not the case. What is the detail I’m missing here?


Hi AJ. Hard for me to tell for certain without looking at the workspace. If you can right-click export the workspace .kmz and post it here or email to [ sa at grid dot space ], I can debug further.


Just emailed you the workspace. Here’s an image of the model. The 2.7mm holes are on the left.


I’m not 100% sure what’s happening with outline in this case. But I sent you back a workspace that replaces outline with the trace op, and it’s working as expected.


I’m sad to hear outline has an issue, but I’m glad to hear the error wasn’t between the chair and the keyboard.

Thanks for the suggestion. I haven’t used trace before, but will try it out.