Outline not going deep enough

I encountered a problem today, and have no idea if I’m doing something wrong, or if this a bug.

1A.When you use an outline operation to clear the edges of the inside pockets and the depth of cut higher than the depth of the outline, the outline is skipped and not generated.

1B. If the outline is deeper than the depth of cut the outline doesn’t reach the bottom of the pocket and only goes to the depth that it a multiple of the depth of cut value.

  1. I was using this operation because there was no dogbone option in the rough pocket.

I was able to solve it using the trace feature but I believe this is a bug.

3. When using the trace operation to trace the edges of multiple pockets you see the toolpaths ramp down into the surface at the starting point but after that the toolpath goes straight up and down and there is no ramping anymore .

I have more screenshots, bug could only add one.

Most operations do not consider each pocket separately. Your example is simple and so the solution seems simple. More complicated nesting and merging of pockets with Z depth makes this harder to solve generically. So this is a known limitation of those operations.

Ease down similarly is not completely implemented throughout the code. The way the current code is structured, there is a generic piece and a piece of code that has to be implemented for many special cases. This requires more work.