Origin at 0,0 of cut area, not model(s)

Many versions ago you used to be able to set the origin at the center of the CNCs possible cutting area. Now it seems to always do 0,0 relative to the model(s) you have imported. Am I missing something or was this option removed? If removed, can it be added back?

only by setting the stock to the size of the workspace

Can I move the models independent of the stock, or lock the stock to always be in the middle? It seems to always want to put the models in the middle of the stock basically doing the exact same thing as if I don’t have a stock at all.

Being able to put 0,0 in the middle of the cutting area no matter what was incredibly helpful for my CNC and saving on material. Any chance that can be re-added?

At present, the stock really isn’t used for calculations other than a clipping option under the stock menu. It’s mostly for visualization

So does that mean it’s not possible to center the origin at 0,0 of the area anymore? Because when I set the stock size to the size of the build area it just centers the stock around the models, not the build area. So I end up with the exact same problem.

Checking origin center under the origin menu places 0,0 at the center of the stock / part. The part will be centered in the stock. It is currently not possible to offset the part within the stock. But you can use the origin offsets to move the origin from the corner or center by a specified vector.

Dang that sucks. I cut multiple parts most of the time so centering around the parts doesn’t really help any. I also don’t want my part to always be at 0,0 - I just want the origin to always be 0,0. This way I can set things on the left or right of the stock or as needed. If a part doesn’t cut right I could remove it from the gcode and remove things around where it was so I don’t waste material, I could easily cut stuff out of scraps and on the sides of stock to work my way across it. Made things a lot easier just being at 0,0 overall. Was nice while it lasted I guess.

I make it work with the offsets I guess, but still a lot of messing around to get it right.

Can’t you just set the stock size to the offset you want from 0,0 and use bottom left or top left as origin?