OnShape part import to KiriMoto broken in Firefox in 3.8?

I use Kirimoto as an app inside Onshape with Firefox as my browser, which I find very convenient. However, since 3.8 was rolled out, I have not been able to import parts into Kirimoto - my screen hangs up with the message “loading…” displayed. I generally use Chrome as my browser, but Onshape does not work well in Chrome for me. The Onshape - Kirimoto app Release 3.8 works from within Chrome, but is slow and “jerky” (the reason I switched to Firefox in the first place). Is anyone else experiencing similar problems with the Onshape app version?

Hi @Bob and welcome.

It looks like Firefox is blocking access to the SharedArrayBuffer inside of the iframe that Onshape provides to apps. I will have to escalate this to their dev team.

SharedArrayBuffers are now being used for high performance compute and sharing of data between workers. There is no effective workaround for KM if it’s not going to be available in all browser contexts :confused:

Thanks, Stewart. I guess it’s good to know that it’s not something that I have done. Please keep me updated if you hear back from them.

Now that I know, I will try to do a better job of catching and reporting this condition.