Onshape Kiri:Moto App Mesh count

Onshape Kiri:Moto App: I noticed when routing out a 2.5 inch cylinder the mesh density is insufficient for a smooth outer surface. I can feel the ridges after route. The mesh check has 814 faces. Gcode File size ~12,000.

Saving the OnShape to an STL file using the “fine” quality setting is better. Loading the file into Kiri:Moto browser tab results are better. 1956 faces & GCode File Size ~18,000.

Is there a way to specify in OnShape the mesh quality?

After experimenting with the Preferences. Decreasing OnShape Angle preference improved results. Not sure what Angle & Chord actually do. Would you explain?

The Chord is the distance between points on a circle.

The Angle is?

I believe angle is calculated from the center point of the two points emitted in the mesh. smaller angles like smaller chord values mean a finer mesh.

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