Offset plunge issue (Profile mode / CAM)

Hi all, when I’m using Kirimoto to generate gcode for profiling operation for my CNC machine (I’m cutting out wooden cutting boards) I have the following issue when the bit is plunging (most but not all of the time)… the issue is that the bit will often plunge offset by approx 2mm which cuts into the finished product and is highly frustrating. Strangely as soon as the bit finishes plunging, it then self corrects and returns to the correct position (no offset) before continuing the profiling operation. The end result of this is multiple approx 2mm cuts into the finished product. I’ve gone through all the settings multiple times looking to see if I selected some sort of offset but can find nothing wrong (as far as I can tell) in the settings. Any recommendations please ?

Hi Luke,

Do you mind right-click exporting your workspace. This will produce a .kmz file that I can use to reproduce your issue. Then email that file to [ sa at grid dot space ]


I’m not sure what to make of this. Neither the preview nor the animation show this defect. The gcode appears to show a linear move in Z.

If the glitch is not with Kirimoto then what would be the next most likely cause ? i.e. I use gsender software to run the gcode, or perhaps I should be investigating the controller (motherboard) of the CNC ? Any recommendations would be appreciated thank you

It’s a tough one. I have not had any similar reports before. If the gcode looks right, then it must be mechanical (seems most likely a loose axis or other coupling) or in the controller.