Newby dumb questions!

I have all sorts of questions…
How do I convince KM to display numbers on the gridlines?
Is there a way to convert an svg that I drew in imperial to metric values? My drawings are importing huge.

KM seems to be absolutely excellent.

also in prefs, change units → mm to units → in then import SVG

Thank you again Stewart, not sure how I missed the " show rulers", I searched all over in there. If I set for imperial manipulate can I export as metric or must I continue with imperial? I will give it all a try tomorrow. Is it OK to post a link to my project?

The units setting affects import and display. I haven’t tested export. But you can just switch back to metric after the import.

Sharing of projects is encouraged.

Stewart, are you the creator of all the instructional videos? Kudos. Very helpful.
A link to my in progress table.
The first file I created from KM. I am sure I missed many things. Tried to post, not allowed, will look into what file formats I can upload.

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Awesome build. You should be able to post now, just not full videos.

Yes, KM is one of my projects going back to 2013 or so. I go through periods of active development when I have the time. Which means I get a little rusty on the code in-between.

Next newby Question…
Let’s assume a roughing out cut with a 1/4 end mill. I wish to then do the finishing cycle with a 1/8 ball end mill. I don’t think KM recognized my attempt at the finishing pass. I ran the slice and animate but did not see any opportunity to change bits. After I do change bits how do I teach the mill where the end of the bit is? I am guessing it will return to where it started but that will not help with the z axis if the protrusion is different.
Should I break a bit mid project is there some way to get going again or is the project scrap?
Likely you have already created a video and I have just not found it yet.
Thanks Stewart. David

It mostly depends on your sender/controller. If it has support for a tool changing command, then add that to KM’s device definition and it will be inserted when tool changes are necessary. If not, you will have to export each operation separately (export as zip) and run them separately with manual tool changes. The way you do this is usually have some defined zero for X,Y (like top of stock at a corner) and when you need to change a tool, after the change, go to that location, touch the new tool to stock at that point and reset Z to 0. Your sender / controller will usually have a way to reset the X,Y, and Z independently or all at once. If not, there are gcode commands for that. Again, depends on your controller / firmware what those might be.

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If there is a video or, written directions! (showing my age) I have 3.9, seems to be considerably changed from the 2.5 instructional videos that I have been watching. I found an excellent instructional on docs.v1e. com but again outdated.
Yesterday I could slice then I changed something…
I don’t know enough to ask relevant questions.
If there is a video please guide me towards it.
Thanks, David

This isn’t a Kiri:Moto issue. It relates to how your controller works.

If you are unable to slice, right-click export your workspace and drop the .kmz file here or email it to me at [ sa at grid dot space ] and I’ll take a look.

workspace.kmz (995.1 KB)

I used Firefox as my browser.
In one of your posts you were asking about other devices to support. I use a vinyl cutter, would the dll file be of any use to you? The cutter is called a KNKMaxx air, no longer sold under that label.

On my Blue Elefant Router with ATC it looks like this:

Making headway! In preferences export grid local had turned off, now I can slice.
The 3.9 version has a couple things I do not know the reason for.
in Limits. Z bottom

Output First Z max
Force Z max

Is it possible to leave material when roughing even though I am not following with a finish pass? Something to leave chisel marks on?

Return to start position. After milling my router seems to end up at some random place.
How do I convince it to return to where ever I designate home?