New to all of this. HELP

I originally came here with a question of why my prints seem to be ‘unfinished’ as in not having a top smooth layer, I can still see the insides of some areas. it mostly seems to happen with fonts, where the fonts turn out hollow (just the edge of the letters, nothing filled in) and then there is nothing over the top, like the final layer of the print is not there.

Now as I was slicing another project, it only seems to be showing the insides of my design and not the exterior…

I’ve only been printing for a couple of weeks and still dont understand most of this, but have made successful prints already

Printer : ender 3 pro
Designer : tinkercad
Kiri Moto : slicer, gcode converter

This is this full design, and then what it looks like when i hit slice. and when i printed it the font, came out more like an outline instead of a solid letter

hi @silentraven37 and welcome. I’m pretty sure this object is non-manifold. you could try enabling heal mesh under preferences which will likely give you a warning about this. it’s not perfect, but does detect many cases. it’s also pretty easy to see in wire-frame view if some solids are “inside” or “overlapping” others.

thanks Stewart, I did enable heal mesh but im still not seeing a solid top layer, the words especially are hollow, not sure how to proceed in making this a solid print at the finish

there are two thin-wall strategies you can enable under the layers menu. see if either helps.

Screen Shot 2022-11-30 at 9.43.08 AM