New "Flip" operator in 2.5

Looking forward to your feedback on the new “flip” operator in CAM mode. It should make double-sided milling much easier. Here’s a quick video overview.


Hi Stewart,

Thank you, again, for the effort you put in all of this!!!

Great feature, the Flip Operation, but I haven’t figured out, at what moment in the G-Code I have to flip the part, or did I miss that somehow?

And to avoid a second message: I can’t figure out, why my Z Thru applies only to the registration holes, but not to the roughing (to make sure I really cut the whole stock…

Have a great day,

Hi @Martin_Svejda and welcome!

With the flip operator, you are working on each side independently, but Kiri is keeping track of the settings so you can go back and forth without loading / saving settings and moving / restoring the part location. In the end, you will generate gcode for each side separately.

Z thru applies to drilled holes, outline, and other cutout operations, but not roughing. That was by design. If your roughing cut isn’t going to the bottom of stock, the preferred fix is to adjust the stock size.


Dear Stewart,

One more question and suggestion.

My suggestion is, to make the rough/outline/… squares which are located at the bottom a bit wider to the right, because when I mark with the mouse a parameter that I want to change, I mark it from left to right and the mouse then stays outside of the field, which makes it collapse after a few seconds. This means, that I might think having changed a parameter when not looking on the screen, but in reality I wrote into empty space. Do you understand what I mean… ?! :slight_smile:
Alternatively, make the field stay until one makes it hide again on purpose. Actually, same for the options to the left and right of the screen.

And my question: I have made a simply bowl for testing Kiri:Moto, but again, I am not sure if it tracks the changes correctly (although I am afraid it’s me…). I first roughed the inside with leaving 10mm of stock for visualization purposes, but when I add an outline, I only see the outline being performed right next to the wall of the bowl, leaving most of the remaining 10mm untouched. I guess it should finish whatever roughing has left?! Or is there a maximum in terms of tool diameter that can be left over for the outline?

And for having two codes so that I can change the tools in between, do I have to prepare roughing, create the code, then delete it and then activate the outline and create it’s code?

Thanks again for your help, take care!

Hi Martin,

I will look at improving the interaction with the pop menus on the bottom when an input field is selected. I see how this could be a problem.

10mm is a lot of stock to leave in a roughing operation. I would expect it to be a fraction of the tool width. This is an unexpected use case. Operations do not have knowledge of each other or how much material is left. So the Outline operation doesn’t know Roughing is leaving so much behind. It is only working off the literal part outlines.

If your machine supports tool change gcode and you select a different tool for each operation, then you should be able to generate it all as one gcode file and let your sender pause for the tool change operation. Only if your machine or sender does not support this do you need to export them separately.

I have on my todo list to allow exporting a series of gcode CNC operations a ZIP file containing all the separate segments.

Hope that helps.