New Documentation Site

I’m working on a new documentation site for Grid.Space and Kiri:Moto in particular. Please take a look at let me know what type of content you would like to see added.


Documentation of an open source project? Never heard of it!

Thanks for putting this together. Just had a quick read through and learned some more things.

One minor thing I discovered: the examples links aren’t working on this page:

Regarding content to be added, there are a number of great videos you have put together. It would probably be helpful to link those from the documentation for those visual learners.

which links aren’t working? I tried clicking both and they work for me…

I will look at organizing the video list on the docs page. thanks


Gives me:

“these are not the droids you’re looking for”

Oh, interesting. Are you using Kiri 2.4 or earlier?

Good question. I just checked and “2.4.5” flashed briefly before I got a “loading” message that is just hung there. Hmmm… Trying my local copy, which is apparently at 2.4.D9, had the same result.

So, I had a look at the JS console and it says:

WebGL warning: : AllowWebgl2:false restricts context creation on this system.

Time to figure out why WebGL is broken on my machine!

So I fixed my borked nVidia driver and confirmed that yes, if the last Kiri:Moto version used was 2.4 then you get the not found error. I suppose that is a problem that will eventually go away when people stop using 2.4, but some note showing the minimum release to use some of the “new” features would be a handy addition to the docs.

noted and updated in the docs