New Device Dialog in 2.5 and a couple of other things

The 2.5 development releases have started. Right out of the gate, I had a couple of things that were really bothering me. First was the device dialog. I felt it was too difficult to customize devices and tell personal from stock devices. It was also short-changing gcode macro editing. Second, FDM support generation is now in line with most other slicers by offering a “detect” button that generates visible suggestions and allows you to specify a max overhang angle. This feature will continue to evolve and improve. But this basic approach is new to KM.

Also, I got mill for small makes, the SainSmart Genmitsu 3018 and so added a stock device for it.

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Hi Stewart
I really love this new device dialog.
Good job!

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I like the device dialog!

I also started with one of these, and am now converting it to a 7030 after discovering the X-axis rails (the ones on the gantry) behave much like wet spaghetti!

However, the thing that shocked me is how precise the whole thing can be when there is no load on the spindle. Here is a laser engraving I did with the original 3018 with a mm ruler next to it:

You can see that the separation on some of the features (ex: the forward slash) is on the order of a couple of hundred micrometers and is very linear at that. It might be possible to render features as small as tens of micrometers.