New Carvera Controller

I just posted the source for a web-based Carvera controller on GitHub

I am hosting a version of this on which will allow most browsers to access the serial port. In this case, you won’t have to install software to drive the machine. Just open a web page and plug the Carvera into your PC, laptop, or tablet.

Caveats on serial: the Carvera has a USB-C port on the back for serial control, but you need to use an OTG cable to connect (like USB2) or go through a USB-C hub (connected to your pc/mac/tablet) that provides a USB2 interface. Macs seem to have no problem with this. Windows machines (that I have on hand) seem to want drivers. Android tablets may work with the right OTG cables. I have a few on order and will test as soon as they arrive.


Can confirm using OTG serial with an Android tablet.

PSA: The big caveat is connecting data and also power thru a single USB port for sustained operation. That entails both splitting the physical connection and also persuading the tablet firmware to enable both OTG data and power intake which it may not do by default. Hence need for “the right OTG cable” which likely includes a specific sense resistor in addition to atypical physical configuration.

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really? excellent. I have cables on order but haven’t yet confirmed it myself. hoping to get a send + power setup going. but even if you can’t, the network interface is 100x faster than serial. I will be posting a video + instructions later today for running everything on the tablet. then you can power it normally and skip serial.

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turns out, powering a hub connected to the tablet both charges the tablet and allows access to the usb/serial port at the same time.


Best when it just works :slight_smile:
Maybe the function is becoming more universal in newer devices.