Name of current part?

AFAICT, there’s no way to determine the name of the part you’re working on in KM. “Recent files” includes the current part, but since it’s alphabetical (I believe), it doesn’t help. I now have a couple of versions of my U-shaped part, which differ by a few thou in height/thickness. It would be nice to be sure I’m working with the right one before starting a carve. (Being able to see absolute dimensions in KM would help with identification too: i.e., a “measure” function. But that’s more of a “roadmap” thing, I’m sure.)

(For implementation, I’d suggest simply ordering the “Recent” list in either LRU or MRU order, and make it clear from the heading which it is.)


I admit this is a bit subtle, but when you click-highlight a part, you get name and # vertices

Ah. Yes, that is subtle. But it doesn’t seem to happen with Onshape, at least for me.

let’s call that an oversight. will fix. not sure if it’ll be tonight because Onshape integration is a bit more complex

That’s fine, of course!