Must be doing something wrong

I’ve been trying to carve a cookie-mould.
I managed to create a negative STL model for it, but KM doesn’t create correct toolpaths… is says it’s doing a contour, but this doesn’t show in the animation or gcode.

Is what I want even possible? In case it is, what workflow would bring me cookies??

here’s the kmz file:

this is a view inside the model and yes the normals are inverted. KM cannot generate paths from such a model. I thought by negative you meant a boolean negative. that would work.

Thanks for the swift response.

I tried the boolean, but there’s something weird going on… In the roughing pass, it cuts out the entire stl model, where I would expect it to cut only inside the circle (since the top of the model is at the top of the stock).

Here’s that kmz:

Or, maybe it’s a case of ‘replace user’ ;-p
But I think it must be possible… would really like to try those cookies…

When I do only a contour, it goes alright, but might be a bit hard on the bit…

Here’s a little background on what I’m doing.
I created an AI generated image of an celtic love heart, made an 3D model of it with Marigold.
Here’s that stl:

Imported that model into mesh-tool, added a solid to substract it from, but meshtool kept insisting there’s one or more meshes missing, even after repairs.
So I kept messing around with it, and managed to get a stl (I can’t even remember how, but something with ‘Isolate’…
Here’s that STL:

That stl I imported to KM, but, as said, the only way to carve that correctly is doing a contour only…

Love to hear what I’m doing wrong…

you have skip shadow enabled under expert and that will cause all sorts of problems. you probably did it because slicing is taking forever. and that’s because it’s got over a million polygons. you should down-sample this quite aggressively. anything over 500k polys will likely fail. you could raster or smooth this to 50k polys and still end up with a model that looks the same when it’s made into a cookie.

Ohw, okay… Now the penny drops.

Normally I would say more information is better, but here ‘less is more’ obviously prevails…
I’m really new to the field of 3D modelling, so I didn’t know this.

I resampled the mould, turned off ‘skip shadow’ and generated the gcode successfully.

Wow, resampling really speeds things up from ‘forever’ to under a minute.

Now some carving and baking ;-p

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