Moving a part in XY direction

Is it possible to arrange (move) a single part on the grid?

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Can you be more specific? Is this related to Mesh:Tool or something else? If Mesh:Tool, you can use the right-menu to select parts of a multi-part object. Then Models → Regroup to make a separate group from them. Then shift+click+drag to move those parts.

Hi Stewart, Many thanks for your reply and I’m very sorry for being so vague… Duh!

It’s in Kirimoto. I’d like to move the part with respect to the zero position. Or failing being able to position the part with respect to the zero point, can I determine the size of the stock? I know you can add extra stock, but what I mean is, when the values for stock are all zero, what size is the stock? I’m importing an stl of quite an organic shape, and I determined the size of the bounding box of the shape in a cad program, but just milled the part and ended up with a small offset on one side. So I’m wondering if the dimension of the stock was perhaps slightly different to the bounding box from the cad program. I hope this is understandable?!

when stock is set to offset, then 0,0,0 will result in a stock size equal to the bounding box. usually you want to add some area around this so that all cuts / tool paths occur within the stock and leave room for clamping. there is only Z control (bottom, mid, top) within stock at this time, not arbitrary placement.

Many thanks for your explanation. :slight_smile:

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