Milling tabs, excessive travel operation


I have been using Kiri:Moto for a short while now and have had a recurring issue with adding tabs to parts and how they program the cut. I have been unsuccessful on finding any open topics that narrow down my search for an explanation or a correction.

When designating where tabs are to go, entering a height of tab (say .15" tall for a .75" tall part, 5 passes, tab should be cut in last pass), the program has the bit raise all the way to clear workpiece, travel past tab, and then plunges back down to continue. The other CAM software’s I have utilized prior go just above designated tab height and then continue, or can “flow” by ramping up/over/back down, saving program time in travelling. I have also encountered issues where it will cut tabs out of typical milling operation. If there are four tabs on a part, it cuts to number one, then raises and goes to another quadrant of part and cut small area, instead of being fluid. It has only occurred a couple of times, but odd.

Is there a setting or configuration I am missing that would allow for a more seamless tab milling operation?


Hi Michael,

There is a known issue with tab order cutout. It’s complex to fix and I’m hoping to address it in a re-factor. The other issue with the bit raising too high is new to me. If you wish, you may right-click export your workspace and email the resulting .kmz file to me at [ sa at grid dot space ] for analysis.