Milling direction and tabs

Yesterday I milled a test part and the result was good. :slight_smile:

One strange thing was: I left the milling direction unchecked so it generated a “climb” cut. But with the last cycle - while milling the tabs - it changed to “conventional”. Any Idea why or how I can prevent it from doing this?

Since I’m working with the MaslowCNC (mainly for sheet wood stuff) it makes quite a difference between “climb” and “conventional” as you can see in the picture. :wink:

are you using version 3.1 or 3.2?

I think it was V3.1…
But it seems to change the direction anyway.

I’m fixing this right now in 3.2 for tonight’s release …

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this fix is now in production in version 3.2

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Wow, that was quick. :slight_smile:

It seems that I’ve got the actual version. But the behaviour did not change. :thinking:

do you mind right click exporting your workspace and sending it to me?

Thank you: Dropbox - TestPart_4GridSpace.kmz - Simplify your life

aha. enabling depth first under output fixes this. now I can fix this for layer-first cutting.

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OK, it worked after checking this :wink:

and i’ve got a fix for level-first milling for tonight. thanks for the bug report and follow-up

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Perfect, thank you very much.

I can hardly wait for next week, when I have to mill parts. :wink: Especially the “Dogbone” option is on my watchlist. I have been looking for such a function for years.

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No Dogbone yet. But climb cutting all the way down. Thanks @stewart :slight_smile:

The crappy edge in the left front is not from Kiri:Moto. :wink:

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