Maybe a little confusing

but “GridBot” refers to both the touch interface / control / sender project on GitHub and a 3D Printer design. I’m wondering how to resolve this.

Here are two GridBot systems. One a Marlin-based CNC machine.

The other a Marlin-based GridBot 3D Printer

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Names are hard.

GridBot sounds like a robot. So that fits well with the printer. The sienci already has a name too.

So then what to call the SW. Maybe something like GridTouch? PiCtrl?

I suppose Grid Space wouldn’t work since that’s the name of your ownership, but I agree that GridBot sounds like it’s referring to a machine rather than a connection software.

Perhaps GridControl, GridConnect?

Oh! GridLink maybe?


I like GridLink or GridSend. And I was tempted to call it GridPrint, but it works for CNC, too. You don’t think of printing to a mill.

I like GridLink and GridControl

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