Machining two sided parts

I’m working up a two-sided part to use in a YouTube video. To make this as simple as possible, I’m adding a “registration” feature to Kiri:Moto that calculates and drills registration holes for you based on your stock parameters.

If you have existing models you would like to propose for the video or other things you would like to see highlighted, please mention them here.

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That’s great. What about a spoon?


Yes. This is one of my goals. Uncle Phil did a nice one.

@jeffeb3 that spoon looks totally doable. I’m going to start testing tomorrow and hope to have the video completed this weekend. I ordered some 1/4" steel dowel pins to make accurate registration easier. They arrive Saturday.


I’ll be testing this over the weekend then making it live in the beta channel on once I’ve verified it. I hope to get this and the video wrapped up by Sunday evening.

While coding this up, it pointed me toward a subtle z-lift bug that could cause crashes in some cases. I will be back-porting that fix to the current 2.2 stable release.

Does that also work to move stock through the CNC without flipping it? Like if you had a 24"x 24" cnc and wanted to do a job that was 24"x36", and just hang the stock out the side?

I hadn’t thought of that. But I think I could extend it for that use case. It would also require the ability to position the part within the stock or limit the cuts to a region of the stock.

@mjmak @jeffeb3 @chrismakesstuff

rough tests #1 looks like a success. auto-generated registration holes worked as planned. amazon delayed the delivery of the dowel pins, so I 3D printed a couple.

Now onto a more complete test with contour finishing.


You should probably also order some soup :smiley:

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Can’t eat soup without a bowl. Test #2 looking good. Done with 1/4" endmill. Final cut will be done with hardwood instead of plywood.


I’d love to see a demo of this double two sided (4 sided) part:

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fun challenge. I can already see how I’d do it. let’s see if it works. I’ll try it later this week after I get this current job documented.

also, welcome Bruce! good to have you here.

Final product in hardwood. It’s a small, shallow bowl about 4.5" across, 0.8" deep, and less than 2mm thick. Still done with 1/4" endmill. Wasn’t going for perfection.

Because it’s so thin, the finish milling caused the bowl to flex and left more scoring than I hoped.