Loading a workspace in OnShape

Is there a way to load a previously exported kiri:moto workspace in Onshape Tab?

Also what is saved in the workspace? Does it save the parts being processed?

in Onshape, the load/import button is swapped out for Onshape’s parts dialog. however, you can still load an exported workspace by dragging and dropping it onto the build platform (it will turn green).

when you right-click and export a workspace, it includes the models. when you use the person/gear export function, this is a checkbox option. the workspace also includes all custom devices and print/cnc profiles (right menu)

It looks to me like all of the Kiri:Moto information is saved on the local computer so that when I create Kiri machining information on one computer, then open the same part in OnShape on a different computer, the information in the Kiri:Moto tab either doesn’t show up, or is replaced by information with the same name that is saved on the second computer. It would be nice if the Kiri information was saved on OnShape’s server so that it is more portable. This would allow me to create designs and machining operations at my desk, then open and modify the machining operations in OnShape on the computer that is running my CNC router.

Also, it would be nice if when I change the design of a part, it would automatically update in the Kiri tab.



When using Kiri inside Onshape, the profile and operations information is cached locally and stored in the cloud. Inside Onshape is only time Kiri uses cloud storage. But the 3D objects in the workspace are only saved locally. If you have two tabs open to the same workspace on different computers, it is not possible to determine which one “wins” the last save wars for the Kiri workspace.

Tracking part changes and reloading them seems like it should be easy. But there are a few difficult corner cases. Especially regarding scale, move, rotate in the workspace. It is on my todo list to figure these things out.