Limit Z Bottom - issue

Hi, I’d need and advice on the Limits / Z Bottom.
I was looking the intro video (3.5 with guitar neck) and it looks so fine and easy.

Now i’m trying to limit the milling at the Z bottom but the slicer goes trouhg the material.

The setup I did

  • Stock: 700 x 450 x 40
  • Limit: Z Bottom - 30, Z anchor Top – the plane is drawn at 30 (or 10 from the top)
    When I slice - it does not stop at the split plane - ie 10 mm from top

Any advice what i’d be missing to setup?

Thanks, Primoz

which operation are you using?

Hi Stewart,
I use Rough and Outline.

Adding the workspace if it helps.
dn-noge-limits.kmz (1.5 MB)

BR, Primoz

@stewart I’ve been experiencing this as well. Rough and Outline won’t respect Z bottom at the moment. It appears that Countour will, however.

ok, thanks for the report. if you’re able to generate a bug report here, that would be great.

Hi Stewart - this looks like the offending commit; revert perhaps? fix bottom/last pass for rough and outline ops (zBottom, slicer up er… · GridSpace/grid-apps@5193e22 · GitHub

Interesting. I vaguely remember this commit fixing some other problem :confused: Now I need to figure out what and why