KM configuration assumptions

Hi Stewart – can I state some assumptions I’m making about how KM works when using OnShape, for verification? I think I understand, but want to be sure.

Assume I’m running under Onshape.

I assume that if I export a KM profile (call it ‘A’), make changes to my config (call this ‘B’), then optionally exit and login again, and then import A again, that B is permanently lost. That is, there’s only one profile available at a time, with no versioning. Correct?

If, when I exported ‘A’, I checked the “include workspace” box, then when I import it later, it replaces whatever part (or parts) I’m working on with what was exported/imported (no merging – just replacement). And at that point I’m working with a part that OnShape knows nothing about, and might not have generated, but edits to the profile will be saved back to OnShape. Right?

I think it’s all simple – I just want to confirm my mental model.


that is all correct. imported settings clobber all. and you can import parts Onshape knows nothing about.

That’s perfect. Thanks!