Klicky PCB placement?


Don’t know how many of you that are still active here, but it’s worth a shot.

Want to add a Klicky PCB to my Gridbot, but I’m struggling with placement of the arm that hold the part that picks up the probe, without remaking the large parts of the head.
Anyone have any experience or ideas?

There have been a few revisions of the head. What does yours look like?

Oh yeah sorry!

The one from your beta, the flat one with 2 4010 fans.

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Great. I’m not familiar with Klicky, how it’s mounted, or used. Can you give me a little more info? Or provide examples to pics of use in other projects?

It’s a stow-able probe.
Basically, it’s an endstop that is connected with magnets. It get’s picked up when doing homing and bed leveling and then get’s stowed at a predetermined point in a dock. With a good quality endstop it allows for automatic probe offset (if you install a Voron like z endstop) and it allows faster probing.

The issue is that you need to be able to return the probe to it’s dock with a sidewards motion for the magnets to release. First the head moves into the dock and then “rips” the detachable part of the probe off.

You really don’t have to spend any time on this, as it seems I’m alone in my self created issue :slight_smile:

The 2.5 beta head I’m using has bl-touch mounting holes. So the easiest thing it seems would be to mount it there. It’s oriented and positioned correctly for ripping and storing on the side of the bed. You shouldn’t need to re-design the head mount.

This is the head I’m using with the fans hidden and a orbiter direct drive mount. The bl-touch is showing where the klicky could go.

Yeah, that was my plan as well to start with. Problem is that the fans/fan mounts are kinda in the way, so you get an X offset of around 50mm, which is a bit too much to my liking.

Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

You are not alone! I just resumed work on my gridbot and ordered a klicky pcb just two weeks ago :blush: I’d be happy to work together on a solution.
I didn’t start designing the dock part yet.


I’ll upload my poor attempt of a mount later today. It’s just a first idea though.

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As I said, very rough first draft. Just to get a feeling of where it ends up.
I’ve also changed some things on the head to fit me, don’t mind that. Mainly holes and I’m using a MGN9H instead of 12H.

I was going to design a straight holder, but your post allows me to understand the problem with the fans in the way for proper sliding.
Would you mind sharing your design? It looks like a good starting point !

As part of my recent 2.5 work, I had thought about modifying the head to use a single radial fan with printed duct instead of the two boxes on each side. That would free up a little room around the hot end.

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I’m guessing, since you haven’t linked of added pics, that you aren’t comfortable to share yet? :slight_smile:
Sounds very interesting!

I purchased the fans for the conversion, but haven’t had time to do the modeling work just yet.

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I was going to install the klicky soon but I’m having issues with belt alignment. Don’t think I had that the last time round. Any suggestions?
I’ve measured and measured but not getting it right.
Got a lot of rubbing going on.
Not gates belts but I’ve used this kind on other corexy printers without too much issue.

What’s happening specifically with the belts? Are they rubbing on the idlers? Is it possible the nuts holding the idlers have moved or loosened?

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I believe the belts are rubbing on the guides on the idlers, mainly in the front. I’ve just put it together. The screws are firmly fastened, so the idlers shouldn’t be misaligned other than in height.

Must be belt and/or idlers. Guessing belt. New one ordered but takes a while to get here unfortunately.
I’ve spent a few more hours on the printer and I just can’t get rid of the noise of the teeth snapping against the idler “guides”.