Kiri:Moto Version 2.3 is GA

This means the default version you are served, if you do not choose otherwise, will be 2.3. Previous versions 2.0, 2.1, and 2.2 are still available through the app version chooser. If you previously chose the beta/development release, you will default to 2.3 as well.

Major new feature development will now move to the 2.4 branch. I will post a roadmap for 2.4 in a new discussion thread.

2.3 will continue to get important updates and bug fixes, as needed.

Highlights of 2.3:

  • hundreds of source commits touching over 50% of the code base
  • entirely new path rendering engine moves all calculation into workers
  • major refactor of substantial portions of the FDM and CAM engines
  • user interface improvements and extensions

Each of those points could expand to fill a page of details. Hidden in there were significant updates to internal APIs that allow KM to be, in part or whole, more easily embedded into or utilized by other projects.

The end result, KM should:

  • run faster
  • look better
  • use less memory
  • be more consistent

Please report bugs and feature requests here or on Discord.

Since one of my great weaknesses is social media, if you appreciate KM and wish to contribute in some way, please help by spreading the word.