Kiri:Moto Gcode for MillRight CNC Machine

I’m trying to generate Gcode for the MillRight CNC Machine. I tried the “Any Generic Grbl” machine selection. This gets an error "An Error was generated when sending “M6T2” (error 20).

Does anyone have success generating Gcode for this machine type? If so which Machine should be selected?

I learned my mistake… this is a tool change command. There is no tool change on the machine in use.

A better question. Is there a good way, safe way, to change tools by hand? Z offset needs to be reestablished on a tool change. Possible I suppose. Or is it better to generate Gcode per bit and run each in turn?

Tool changes are always handled by the gcode sender/controller. It looks like they recommend the Universal Gcode Sender. That’s safe. Super old school written in Java. I haven’t used it more than once and that was over a decade ago. It may be scriptable for tool change events, which would make manual changes possible.