Kiri:Moto as a CLI CAM software

Hi all,

I’m working on a project which implies the generation of tens of SCAD files, from 30 to 60+ files. I automated the conversion of those SCADs to STL files with the CLI options of OpenSCAD, but for the moment I’m still converting those STLs to Gcode files with Kiri:Moto GUI. As this task has to be performed quite often (daily ?), I’d like to automate it.
Here comes my question : is there any CLI for Kiri:Moto ? I suppose the GUI is just a presentation layer on some sort of a slicing engine, is it possible to call this engine directly ? Or at the expense of some code and the passing of parameters to define the environment for setting the CNC, tabs/stock/limits/… rough/drill/contour/… ?


Yes! As a result of this recently posted feature request, I checked in a CLI sample. You should be able to use it as a starting point to auto-generate gcode in CAM mode.

It’s very new, so it’s not documented in yet


Thanks Stewart, I’ll have a look at this.