Kiri:Moto and Safari

Hi all, I am very new to CAM and Kiri:Moto and have just sliced my first test project via Onshape.

All seems to be fine however I cannot find a way to make the “export” work!

I don’t have any ad blockers installed, and have disabled the standard block settings in Safari as far as I can see, I have set the Kiri:Moto prefs to Grid:local and Preview and the export starts but the bar stalls on “transfer”.

On a related note I think - If I try to run an animation a pop-up appears which says “the security context of this window prevents animations”.

I have been using OnShape for a few years without issue.

I have run Kiri:Moto directly via as well with the same problem.

Can anyone suggest a setting I have missed? Thank you in advance!

Safari is defeating all attempts to debug this with some perverse restrictions that no other browser seems to implement. I have verified this error with KM 3.7 in Onshape with Safari, but it seems to work for me on Grid.Space directly. You should be able to use the version menu top right to switch to KM 3.8 in Onshape … but Safari is not honoring this. You can do this on Grid.Space, but Safari is not honoring this change inside Onshape the way other browsers do.

Please see if 3.8 works for you when running KM off of Grid.Space

Safari/Webkit is to modern browsing what IE was long ago.

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Many thanks for the prompt reply @stewart and for your debug attempts! I know the guys have had a number of issues that seem to be fixed after no small effort, and even our banking sites seem to mostly work, so I hope the force is with you too!

I am old and set in my ways :wink: and did get a small shiver when you mentioned IE, and a big one when I reluctantly downloaded Chrome for the very first time. It won’t become my primary browser, but it did not exhibit the problem. Out of curiosity do you have a recommended browser?

In the meantime KM 3.8 is showing on Onshape, but so is a message telling me the version is out of date and to please hold down the shift key and refresh. When I do this, nothing happens. Onshape appears to be functioning normally.

The Grid.Space direct approach doesn’t work for v3.7 or 3.8

I am no code guy (I happily use Safari for goodness sake!) but if I can be a test rabbit I’ll happily do so.

If you can right-click export your workspace that fails in Safari on Grid.Space and email it to me [ sa at grid dot space ] that would be much easier to debug than something wrapped in Onshape.


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Thanks, I need to type twenty characters to advise that an email has been sent.

Thanks @peterh – this is a tough one because it works in Safari using un-compressed source. But when running in production mode, Safari is generating an error. This points to a bug in their Javascript engine. And since the compressed code is a single line and Safari’s internal debugger is junk (compared to, say, Chrome), it’s essentially impossible to track down where it’s happening.

I will think on this further

Thanks for that, I greatly appreciate your response and continued efforts! - FWIW I have logged feedback with the Safari development team - don’t hold your breath there, but I will persevere with Safari for all things but Kiri:Moto for now at least.

Wishing you all the best for the new year!


I realize I am not Stewart but I generally use Firefox for whatever I can, and have not had issues using it with KM. FF tries to keep your data private, and since it is not owned by a giant company I have more faith that it actually will.

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Hi and thanks for that. I used to use Firefox as my alternative a very long time ago and then the need for an alternative went away - until now! In truth, I have my fingers crossed that the Safari bugs will just magically disappear, but if they don’t for completely illogical (and possibly contrarian) reasons - Firefox may well become my alternative of choice once more.

Perhaps it will be like reuniting with an old friend!