Kiri:Moto 4.0 Released

You can’t say you weren’t warned. 4.0 is live with a re-designed UI, more device types, native desktop builds (readme), bug fixes, and more. Enjoy!


Hi! Thanks for creating and developing this amazing tool. I’m just getting started with CNC milling and so far kiri:moto seems to cover all my needs and it’s the only viable FOSS option among all the others I explored.

One question, any chance I can jump to v3.9? In 3.9 there was a menu with version selection, can’t find it in 4.0.

In case it’s not there (yet?) maybe I can hack it via URL parameter, something like ?version=3.9 ?


Edit: I have found it under kiri:moto logo menu in the center, it’s version 3.85 I was interested in. So all good!


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Thanks Stewart! Nice to see the binaries, I’ll give the AppImage a try.

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I was only able to test it in an Ubuntu VM, so any feedback would be invaluable.

Update: the AppImage worked great on Ubuntu 22.04, and because it already comes with the unprivileged namespaces kernel option enabled (running sysctl kernel.unprivileged_userns_clone shows “1”) I didn’t need the --no-sandbox option either.

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Just made a quick test, it works great!

I think the appimage cannot send emails for the sync feature, I need to check a bit more, but I get an error.

Appart from that, looks like a wonderful new option to explore!

I’ll check into this. It should work from the app, too. Thanks for the report.

found and fixed for 4.0.1

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