Kiri:Moto 2.6 Released

It’s been another harried month of development.

Adaptations to do FDM belt printing “the right way” took much longer than anticipated. In part that was due to refactoring that I undertook to keep the internals clean and not just hack in changes. The rest was learning from using actual belt printers and then adding features to improve print quality through changes to path routing and new belt-specific structures.

The bulk of the rest of the changes were refinements and additions to CNC operations, a refactoring of FDM support structure code, and numerous bug fixes and tweaks.

Many changes to UI handling and appearance may go unnoticed or found as easter-eggs later on.

I didn’t notice many people testing out the development versions ahead of time, so I’m hoping there aren’t too many bugs that made it into production with this switch-over. I’m sure you’ll let me know :wink:


Awesome! Looking forward to test it. Will report back if we have any findings :slight_smile:

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