Kiri:Moto 2.4 is officially GA

Pretty much all of the roadmap milestones were achieved in shorter time than expected. I’m excited to push on to 2.5 since, in this development branch, I was able to identify many new areas of improvement that require a bit of internal refactoring. If I continued and tried to add them to 2.4, it would have both taken longer and ultimately required some amount of recoding later on.

I could really use your help getting the word out. Social media is my achilles heel. It takes me way outside my comfort zone.

A short (and incomplete) list of new features in 2.4:

CAM Visualization

CAM Manual Tabs

CAM Dogbones

CAM Tracing and Engraving

FDM Continuous Belt Printers

FDM Manual Supports

2D Image to 3D Model

Drag Knife support in Laser Mode (video coming)


thanks for your effort in this project!


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Amazing work on this.

I just noticed that your post titled “Kiri:Moto Version 2.3 is GA” was just 17 days earlier. If 2.4 was only to release a few bug fixes that would be one thing, but there is a ton of new, and seriously ambitious, content in this release.

Kudos, and thanks!

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It was a a bit of a coding binge. Stuff I’ve been planning in my head for a long time. Not even half done, though. So more to come :slight_smile:

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