Kiri Freezing on 1/32 Tapered

Today I’m having an issue with Kiri freezing up, Im sure this is something I’m doing wrong as it freezes at Gridspace hosted and self hosted as well as Camlab but only when using the tapered 1/32 bit during Contour on KM and Relief on CL.

Works fine when using the 1/8 Ball nose. Could it be I’m setting my tool up incorrectly? This is the first time I’ve tried the 1/32 tapered bit for any job so I’m sure I’ve done something wrong.

This is my work piece, settings for contour and bit. Sorry, I could only upload one picture so I combined them.

Hi Duane. Can you send me a copy of your workspace? Then I can reproduce this problem exactly. Without that, it’s just guesswork.

Right-click the workspace and export, or under profile, export and click “include workspace”. This will produce a “.km” file that you can post on the Discord server (here) or email [] … thanks

Screen Shot 2021-01-03 at 6.08.29 PM

Absolutely, On its way now

@Rocnutz Thanks for that. I was able to find a logic bug using your .km file. Will post 2.5.1 shortly that fixes this and a couple of other small bugs.

No problem, glad I didn’t break anything.