Kiri 2.6 in Onshape suddenly unhappy

We were happily using Kiri to go from Onshape to our robotics team’s CNC machine until it suddenly stopped working: we get an unhappy face about 1/3 of the way into generating the preview. This seemed to happen spontaneously.

Interesting troubleshooting notes:
The same thing happens with any part we try to prepare.
The same thing happens on another computer in another operating system and another browser.
The same thing happens when we go to the website and import a STL file!
I tried previous (2.5) and future (2.7) versions and the same thing happens.

I exported the file hoping that will help.

Hey @douglasgb and welcome.

Just updating the thread here for the folks watching the forums. I got your email. Thanks for sharing the workspace. It turns out the outline “step down” was set to 0 which was causing an infinite loop. This should have been caught but wasn’t.

I have fixed that bug for tonight’s release.