Just Another GridBot v2 Build

Hi again!
I am expecting most of the ordered part to arrive soon and I printed most of the parts.

A few notes:

  • this is my 1st build. So may I be forgiven for the stupid questions that I ask from time to time
  • I am on a budget, so I go for the cheapest materials too often. Like ABS US$4.4 per 400m :slight_smile:
  • And deliveries are pretty slow in my part of the World, it would not be quick
    Sooo… wish me good luck. please!

We’re looking forward to seeing your progress. Good luck!


Good luck and have fun


I am another guy who thought that one needs only M5 T-nuts to build GridBot…
Printing M3 size, grrrr :hot_face:

Dear Stewart, I have a Q here:

I had to redraw the corner bracket because I was unable to source 1/2" square tube locally and bought a 14mm one. And my heater is slightly different too: 310x310.

As a result, the bracket fits the tube not tight, but rather loose. Is it OK or it should be tight?


It should be tight enough to prevent rotation. However, it’s also very easy to modify the CAD model to make a part that fits your 14mm tube exactly. Or you could put in any type of shim to make the fit tight.

OK, will use a piece of tape:) Thanks!

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  1. Here is my progress:

Parts printed in ABS
Most of components sourced from Aliexpress, 2020 and square profile and nuts and bolts - locally.

  1. Most of the parts arrive, except 4010 24V fans, and I will continue soon. I’d definitely add 4010 24V fans to the BOM, btw.

  2. I tried to compile Marlin yesterday (1st time experience, LOL) - it was complaining LOUDLY that the version that I downloaded (2.0.7) is not compatible with “old” version Configuration.h and Configuration_adv.h files that i downloaded from GridSpace’s github. I understand that I am a big boy and should be able to solve this problem myself, but as a 1st timer I’d obviously be happy to have a safety net from you Stewart:) So, if there is any chance that you have the version of config files compatible with 2.0.7 Marlin I’d really appreciate if you share them. Thanks in advance!


Is this where you got the configuration?

and the post must be at least 20 characters:) a simple yes is not enuf

once you’ve gotten the most recent git repo clone, do this:

git checkout 1c9ccce5209cd1727bf80e632f4f781c651e0c35

which will put you on the version GridBot is using

I am totally dumb in github, will do my homework a bit later:(
I am prolly doing smth wrong but thats what I got:

git checkout 1c9ccce5209cd1727bf80e632f4f781c651e0c35
fatal: reference is not a tree: 1c9ccce5209cd1727bf80e632f4f781c651e0c35
PS. I must leave now, many thanks for your kind help

It sounds like you downloaded Marlin from the main Marlin repo, where 2.0.7 is. The code Stewart linked to is older, but configured for gridbot. Most of Marlins updates are to support newer boards, so I would think the older version would be identical in performance.

If you really want newer versions with the gridbot, you’ll need to make the same changes Stewart did to the new config. It is a worthy skill to have and it is pretty straightforward. But it does take some focus.

try watching this maybe it will help you work it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J9vxJT5Tgh4 I’ve got to do it to because i went for the 1.4 turbo too lol good luck buddy hope this help u get your head around it .

I forked Marlin and started SKR 1.4 Turbo branch here:
I added the changes from Stewart’s gridbot files here. Had to adapt some of them to the new syntax. I can compile it OK, but did not test it yet…

Actually, before doing this, I made the rollback to 1c9ccce5209cd1727bf80e632f4f781c651e0c35 Marlin snapshot, but it said that the SKR 1.4 Turbo board is not supported. May be, it was because I tried to define it in “old” style
while the “new” style, as I learned later, is

How’s it going buddy ? have you tested it yet ?

Not yet, buddy, not yet… Only flashed the board.
Still need to finish the assembly and all the wiring. Still missing a few parts. My pace is slow b/c its my 1st time and it should be an entertainment, not hard work.

At the moment I have a couple of mechanical Q’s that are not clear for me:

  1. Z-axis lead screws have some freedom of up-movement. On the downside they are fixed by the pulley laying on the bearing, but they are free to go up a little because there is some free space between the top end of the screw and 2020 profile. I don’t like it and I do not understand if it is a problem.
  2. The crossbars are spreading Z-middle bars pretty tight, even a bit overtight. On one hand it makes the assembly pretty rigid with minimum backlash and it does not really makes the Z-movement too tight, on the other hand one side of the LMF8LUU bearing is obviously loaded more then the other. So, I am not sure if I should shave some 0.5 mm from the crossbars.
    Some advice would be greatly appreciated:)

can you loosen the lead screw and hold it up and retighten it ?

Yes. But if the screw is in top upper position the friction of its upper end against 2020 profile is too high in my opinion. Not rotating smoothly. I am considering adding a bit of glue between the screw and inner bearing surface.
But, may be be the weight of the heating bed is enough to keep it down, and there is no need of these kind of measures, that is the question…

maybe put a tnut up there with a small screw to fill the gap a little. Or print a spacer maybe

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