Job complicated by Tabs

workspace (3).kmz (97.4 KB)
Hi Stewart
See attached work space.
When I add tabs to this part it becomes a much more complex machine job. It jumps from point to point without any logical flow. Additionally it adds more unnecessary cuts greatly increasing the time the job takes.
In general the software is creating multiple cuts where as I just want one most of the time. There is no co-ordinates displayed during simulation.

Yep. It was discovered that the tab cutting algorithm can result in reversal of some polyline segments. It’s on my todo list to revisit this code. It’s not as easy as it seems to sort this out.

Yes, glad it is not me trying to figure it out. What about the co-ordinates not showing?

The coordinates were not calculated properly, so I removed the display until I could fix the calculations. They were also blocking other parts of the display and control surfaces on smaller displays. The more I dug into it, the more problems I found.

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