Is Trochoidal Milling available?

Trochoidal milling is a method of machining used to create a slot wider than the cutting tool’s cutting diameter. This is accomplished using a series of circular cuts known as a trochoidal tool path.


Im trying to mill some aluminum and having issues since I don’t have cool cooling options. Trochoidal milling was suggested as my solution as the short movements in and out of the cut help keep the temps down. people with much more aluminum experience than i says its the only way to go.

So is this an option for Kiri MOTO? Im told its available in fusion and estlCAM but i’m not really a fan of either of those. they don’t make sense to me.


It’s not implemented. I would like to add this when I have time.

I would assume that would honor the climb/conventional setting? I’d use climb on a rigid mill but conventional on most hobbyist routers. Just thought about that from seeing that the example figure shows only climb milling.