Is there a tool for Waffle Structure?

Is there a way to create interlocking laser cut models similar to the old Slicer plugin for Fusion360 (now discontinued), the interlocking slices mode in the old Autodesk 123D Make (discontinued), or the Waffle Structure in Rhino 3D? I’d love to find an alternative. I’m aware there is something similar in Sketchup but I’d like to find (or build) an open source alternative so that it can’t be discontinued, yet again.

Here’s an example screenshot.

I see that Kiro:Moto can slice a model but I’d like to have gaps between layers and preferably laser cut parts in the opposite direction as well.

I might even consider simply skipping X layers and either flipping the object and slicing the other way too or designing a rod that passes through the object. Basically the manual approach. But, any software suggestions are appreciated.


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If you find anything that works I’d appreciate it if you could note it here!

I hope there is a solution coming.
I found Kiri bc I’m looking for a Slicer alternative.
I hated fusion from the beginning and their business decisions just keep reinforcing it.

Also discussed here. It’s probably not that hard. I don’t have time at the moment. But totally open to any PRs or code contributions.

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